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The Nearly Zero Energy Building standard will be in force EU-wide by 2021 for all New Buildings. The purpose of the NZEB Open Doors event is to showcase the best examples of low energy buildings in Ireland today to inspire people to aim for the NZEB standard in the upcoming new build and retrofit projects.

NZEB Open Doors took place in Ireland in 2013 and 2014 within an EU programme. With strong encouragement from both the Building Standards Section within the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government and SEAI, NZEB Open Doors continued in Ireland in 2015 and 2016 and will take place again in Spring 2018. NZEB Open Doors will also overlap with the International Passive House Days and many of the NZEBs on show will also include Passive House standard buildings. The Passive House Association of Ireland is also partnered with us to jointly promote both events. While passive house buildings are inherently designed to be low energy, not all low energy buildings are specifically designed to the passive house standard.

NZEB Open Doors will take place during Spring 2018. Were you to like more information please contact us at info@nzeb-opendoors.ie or call us at 01 4548300 for more information.

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    The fifth annual NZEB Open Doors will take place during a weekend in Spring 2018, where owners of low energy buildings will open their doors to the public nationwide. The event will enable the public to visit examples of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) in order to inspire them to aim for similar standards for their own building or renovation projects.

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