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The fourth NZEB Open Doors event “Learn, Share & Inspire”

Posted by nz3b2016 on October 3, 2016
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The fourth NZEB Open Doors event takes place from 11th-13th November 2016. The theme of this years’ event is “Learn, Share & Inspire” which neatly sums up the essence of the event. We owe a big thank you to all of exhibitors who continue to open their doors to share their experiences and, in doing so, manage to inspire our many visitors who are planning their own projects. Indeed some of the visitors to our 2013 and 2014 events have since completed their projects and have now joined our team of exhibitors. So the full NZEB Open Doors circle has evolved which is a tribute to all involved.  

Of course, from January 1st 2021 all new buildings throughout the EU will have to comply with the new nearly zero energy building standard NZEB standards. For public buildings, that are owned and occupied by public authorities, the NZEB standard will be introduced from January 1st 2019.   

Each Member State however will set its own NZEB definition. So what is an NZEB? According to the EU, the definition of an NZEB building is one where an excellent energy performance is  achieved by high insulation levels, high specification windows and doors, good air-tightness and a healthy air quality focus. Then the small amounts of energy needed for heating and hot water are substantially provided by renewable sources. In fact, if you produce more energy than you use, your building could be energy positive! Indeed some buildings in Ireland are energy positive today.

The NZEB standard will firstly be introduced for commercial and public buildings. The Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government will issue the Draft NZEB standard for Buildings other than Dwellings for consultation during the fourth quarter of 2016, leading to its introduction in 2017. The NZEB standard for dwellings is likely to be introduced in 2018/2019. However, we would encourage you to achieve the NZEB standard now if you are about to embark on a new build project.

NZEB Open Doors 2016 provides a great opportunity for people to share their experience of the low energy projects and hopefully inspire others to follow their lead. Exciting times ahead for sure!

Perhaps you may like to Get Involved in someway, to help Learn, Share or Inspire at our NZEB Open Doors 2016 Event?

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