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Co Meath, (OPW – Trim)


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Co Meath, (OPW - Trim)

Fri Nov 11 2016
12:30 PM
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Co Meath, (OPW - Trim)
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The Office of Public Works’ (OPW) building, which covers over 8,000 square metres and stands four storeys tall in a unique circular shape, includes a full-height atrium through the core and a civic plaza to the front.

The landmark building was designed to be “the best-in-class” in terms of energy efficiency and has an A3 energy rating. It was designed to be naturally ventilated and the structure has been used to provide passive cooling in order to pre-cool the building before occupancy during the summer months.

As a flagship low energy building, OPW required a significant reduction in energy consumption when compared to a traditionally designed government headquarters.

Ten key design features significantly enhanced the thermal performance of the building:

1. Triple opening facade strategy

2. Night cooling

3. Exposed mass

4. Improved glazing to façade ratio

5. Atrium

6. Enhanced shading system

7. Solar control glazing system

8. Intelligent placement of airflow obstructions such as cellular offices

9. Identification of localised cooling requirements

10. Atrium independent solution created for the minister’s office


Property Type: Co Meath, (OPW – Trim)
Status: New Build
Construction Year: 2010
Year of Renovation: 
Total Floor Area:  m²
Heating Demand (PHPP):  kWh/m²/yr
Primary Energy (PHPP):  kWh/m²/yr
Building Energy Rating (BER):  A3
Walls:  W/m²K
Floors:  W/m²K
Roofs:  W/m²K
Windows:  W/m²K
Doors:  W/m²K
Air Tightness (changes per hour):  at 50 Pascals
Renewable technology description: 
Contractor/Building Company:
Energy Consultant:
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