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Dublin 15 (Abbotstown)


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Dublin 15 (Abbotstown)
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This iconic A3 rated building for the National Sports Campus provides conference, cafe and dressing room facilities and consists of a south facing triple height ‘street’ and a north facing, deep plan ‘black box’. The design response evolved from the opportunities presented by site, context, orientation, reuse of existing structural and material elements, solar gain, natural ventilation and embodied energy.

The building fabric is appropriately insulated, cold bridges are eliminated, it is airtight, predominantly south facing and designed to facilitate solar gain during the summer time. All spaces, excluding the ‘black box’ element, are naturally lit. The two triple-height, south facing spaces, at either end of ‘the street’ gallery, create natural stack effect ventilators in summer time, the windows at both lower and upper level can be opened and draw air in, acting like a chimney. In winter time they collect solar gain through their large south facing windows and this heat is transferred to the thermally massive core of the building.

A combination of passive stack effect ventilation and mechanical heat recovery ventilation is used in the conference rooms and changing facilities.

Property Type: Dublin 15 (Abbotstown)
Status: New Build
Construction Year: 2016
Year of Renovation: 
Total Floor Area:  m²
Heating Demand (PHPP):  kWh/m²/yr
Primary Energy (PHPP):  kWh/m²/yr
Building Energy Rating (BER):  - Not Rated -
Walls:  W/m²K
Floors:  W/m²K
Roofs:  W/m²K
Windows:  W/m²K
Doors:  W/m²K
Air Tightness (changes per hour):  at 50 Pascals
Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
Renewable technology description: 
Architects: Cooney Architects
Contractor/Building Company:
Energy Consultant:
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