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UCD, (Dublin 4)

Fri Nov 11 2016
11:00 AM
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UCD, (Dublin 4)
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The UCD Science Centre re-development is an ambitious project that includes both the construction of new teaching laboratory and classroom facilities as well as refurbishment of existing buildings. The UCD O’Brien Centre for Science development has been a central part of this redevelopment and has seen the building of 10,000sq.m of new floor area (Science East) as well as the complete refurbishment of 8,600sq.m
of Science Hub, which was a facility dating back to the 1960s.

BREEAM Rating and score
The O’Brien Centre for Science (also known as Science East & Hub Project) achieved a BREEAM Excellent rating of 73.79%. The project was a BREEAM Bespoke International Project that was adapted to use Irish standards and best practice guidance to set baseline benchmarks.

This project achieved a 23% saving over current regulations for energy and carbon dioxide emissions. A central part of this low carbon energy source is a high efficiency “trigeneration” CHP providing electricity, heating and cooling to the building. There is also a solar PV (photovoltaic) system installed in on the roof of the Science Hub building which produces electricity from sunlight. The building is also metered extensively and carefully monitored and controlled by UCD Estate Services team.
Where natural ventilation is not available, rooms are ventilated by AHUs (Air-handling units) or fan-coil units that supply fresh air that is either heated or cooled to maintain optimum room conditions. These AHUs are controlled by the BMS on time schedules. There are also local user controls via wall mounted thermostats in some of the rooms. There is a variable volume extract system. This system maintains air-changes at the
required levels and integrates roof mounted fans with local ventilation to achieve this which greatly improves energy usage by only extracting the correct amount of air.

Property Type: Dublin 4, (UCD)
Construction Year: 
Year of Renovation: 2016
Total Floor Area: 10,000 m²
Heating Demand (PHPP):  kWh/m²/yr
Primary Energy (PHPP):  kWh/m²/yr
Building Energy Rating (BER):  - Not Rated -
Walls:  W/m²K
Floors:  W/m²K
Roofs:  W/m²K
Windows:  W/m²K
Doors:  W/m²K
Air Tightness (changes per hour):  at 50 Pascals
Combined Heat & Power
Renewable technology description: 
Contractor/Building Company:
Energy Consultant:
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